Friday Facts - It's getting hot in here! The future of air efficiency is here!

Mini-Split Specialist is the newest company within Hammett Holdings, LLC, formerly known as Roy Hammett Co., LLC, a leading design/build commercial and industrial HVAC contracting firm in Spartanburg, SC. Roy’s son, Mike came home after his service with the United States Marine Corps and went to work with his father. Mike took over the company in 2005 and sold it in 2017. 

Mike launched Mini-Split Specialist in July 2019 as the upstate’s exclusive Samsung Dealer in Roebuck, offering residential and commercial applications. He says, “After 49 years of designing, fabricating, installing and servicing conventional heating and A/C projects, we understand that the world and technology, including building technologies, are changing at a rapid pace. We know that we must keep up, or get left behind. We are ready for the future, but respect time-honored ways of doing business with our valued customers.”

Samsung Mini-Splits are the Rolls Royce of HVAC. They are second to none when it comes to efficiency, comfort and maintenance. Those into high technology will fall in love with a mini-split system. The technology has been around 40+ years and has come on strong in the last 5 years. These systems are totally programmable to control the air from a computer, touch screen iPad, smartphone or the unit controller.

What you are used to for heat and air is night and day. With the Samsung Mini-Split system, preventative maintenance is easily performed by the owner so there is no need for maintenance contracts. They show you where the filter is and how to wash it and that’s it, maintenance complete! If and when a repair is ever needed, how nice would it be to do a diagnostic check from a computer where you can see the whole operative system? It is a whole different type of repair because gauges are not needed. No filters, no maintenance contract...easy to enjoy!

Here are logical reasons to choose a mini-split system:

  • These are the best systems you can buy for true zoning, comfort, efficiency, quietness and reliability.

  • They are extremely flexible to install. With systems from ¾ ton for a bonus room up to  44 tons for a large office building and everything in between, they’ve got you covered.

  • They improve indoor air quality because there are no ducts for dust and allergens to gather. Most mini-split systems offer multi stage washable filters that drastically reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, allergens and other particulates in the air. They last 10+ years.

  • Ductless air conditioning lowers your carbon footprint. The small size of a ductless cooling system and its zoning capabilities allows for greater energy efficiency. 

All it takes is a consultation.

To learn more about Mini-Split Specialist and the variety of residential and commercial Samsung units they offer, visit their website or give Mike Hammett a call 864-305-5125

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