Eastside's Innovative Women

September 2021 Issue

Knowledge, Commitment, Support and Enjoyment are the mantras for this Investment Club, which is a private group of ten Spartanburg women. They meet ten times a year for studying, learning, investing and having a wonderful, fun lunch together.

They have been doing this for almost 25 years. They have been so successful, and their immeasurable gain of knowledge was noticed by their daughters who asked for advice on how to start a club of their own. Because of that, two members, Jean Hayes and Minta Warren, decided to write a guide which eventually turned into the book:

The Complete Guide for How and Why to start a woman’s Investment Club.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. And they did not write this book to be a money maker but instead they see it as a way of passing on what they have learned to others and encourage them to start a club of their own. The book provides everything needed to start an investment club and it is fun to read.

Women have always enjoyed being with women and gain a great deal of support and encouragement from each other. Quilting clubs, knitting and even book and garden clubs seem to be slipping away from the norm. Jean and Minta believe that investment clubs are a good decision for women of all ages. Investing is like shopping and women are good at that! Studies of women investing show that women are actually better investors than men. They both agree it’s probably their temperament and ability to listen to others!

They have paid themselves several hefty disbursements and have been investing with “house money” (gains) for 8 years. Each member is expected to research and recommend different stocks. After discussion and more research is done the members vote on whether or not to buy.

For their first few years they used a broker to help navigate decisions but soon felt they were ready to take it all on themselves. For this they “upped” their research and reading game, assigned questions to each member for gaining more in-depth knowledge.

Learning and studying is so much more enjoyable and beneficial than tackling the job on your own. They believe the ten of them each bringing in new ideas has helped them be more successful, both monetarily and socially. They both agree the investment club is a fun way to learn and if you do your research, you will probably also make a little money.

The book is in print. To order, contact them at myinvclub@gmail.com.

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