Eastside Living Magazine is expanding into the eastside of Spartanburg! 


In January 2015, Publisher Blaine Elizabeth Alexander launched Eastside Living Magazine for some of the most affluent and influential neighborhoods in Spartanburg: Converse Heights, Andrews Farm and the Woodburn Road area, utilizing N2 Publishing's exclusive neighborhood HOA program which was successfully modeled after golf course gated communities in 2004.


The publication has become so popular and desired by the surrounding eastside neighborhoods that Blaine decided to adopt a new N2 program called a Community publication. After 5 years, it became evident to Blaine how close the eastsiders are and it just made sense to be able to include everyone. The new program follows the same principles and standards of the HOA program, but allows Eastside Living to encompass over 5000+ homes in what is historically known as 'The Eastside of Spartanburg'. 

What makes Eastside Living Magazine so unique in that our readers are our writers and our writers are our readers! Monthly we help them fill the publication with their stories and photos. No irrelevant articles written by 'staff' nobody knows, no national articles and no hype. There is no struggle for content because the residents love contributing and reading about their neighbors, kids, pets, lifestyles and social activities...their community. They read it cover to cover every month and share it with their friends and families by word of mouth and social media. We also plan private events for them to socialize and meet some of the advertisers that support their magazine.


"It's a beautiful thing to watch the residents connect and celebrate one another. We are truly building community together which is so important in today's environment."  Blaine adds, "I love how they've taken such a vested interest in their magazine and have created beautiful, collectable memoirs. That's why everyone wants one! They are my greatest inspiration and I'm honored they've adopted me into their trusted circles. I love living on the eastside. Spartanburg is a very special place." 


Today, Eastside Living Magazine is the ONLY platform that has the entire eastside community surrounded with print, digital re-marketed ads and social media. There is nothing like us anywhere in Spartanburg! Our advertising partners love that we provide an effective and efficient way for them to reach our residents in a unique and relevant way that is not offered with other marketing strategies.


To learn more about our programs, contact us on our Advertising Partners page. 


Blaine Elizabeth Alexander

Publisher, Area Director & Resident 

Blaine is from Greenville, SC and moved to the eastside of Spartanburg in 2015 to become an active member of her community. She loves meeting residents and hearing their stories. Her passion is connecting people and supporting local businesses. 

Email: blaine@eastsidelivingmagazine.com

Tammy Whaley

Resident Writer & Content Coordinator


Tammy is a native of Spartanburg and is very active and social in her eastside community. Her role with the publication is two-fold. She writes articles for her neighbors and also works with the Publisher to coordinate the monthly stories and themes.

Eryn Wagner

Resident Junior Precious Pets Writer and Kids Content Coordinator


Eryn has been writing about pets for her neighborhood magazine over four years. She loves meeting her neighbor's pets and also recruits kids on the eastside to write articles about things that interest them. 

Constantine Ramantanin

Resident Writer

Constantine is a native eastsider of Spartanburg. He loves to write about Interior Spaces, Architecture, Art History and anything to do with Spartanburg's history. 

Nick Trainor

Graphic Designer, Media Consultant and Artist

Nick is from the eastside and moved back to Spartanburg to be a part of his community's growth. His is a talented graphic artist and website designer outside of creating ads for local businesses that partner with the magazine. 

Nick Trainor Design


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