Proudly Serving Our Eastside Community For 7 Years!

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The Eastside of Spartanburg is the most desired community in the city!

In January 2015, Publisher Blaine Elizabeth Alexander relocated from

Greenville to launched Eastside Living Magazine for Eastside neighborhoods:

Converse Heights, Andrews Farm and the Woodburn Road area. 


Today, Eastside Living Magazine is the ONLY platform that has the entire eastside community surrounded with print, digital re-marketed ads and social media. There is nothing like us anywhere in Spartanburg! Our advertising partners love that we provide a unique platform for them to reach our residents in a relevant way that is not offered with other marketing strategies.


To learn more about our programs, contact us on our Advertising Partners page. 


Blaine Elizabeth Alexander

Publisher, Area Director & Resident 

Blaine loves meeting residents and hearing their stories. Her passion is connecting people and supporting local businesses. 

Email: blaine@eastsidelivingmagazine.com

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Tammy Whaley

Resident Writer & Influencer


Tammy is a native of Spartanburg and is very active and social in her eastside community. Her role with the publication is two-fold. She writes articles for her neighbors and also works with the Publisher to coordinate the monthly stories and themes.

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Eryn Wagner

Resident Junior Precious Pets Writer and Kids Content Coordinator


Eryn has been writing about pets for her neighborhood magazine over six years. She loves meeting her neighbor's pets and also recruits kids on the eastside to write articles about things that interest them. 

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Constantine Ramantanin

Resident Writer

Constantine is a native eastsider of Spartanburg. He loves to write about Interior Spaces, Architecture, Art History and anything to do with Spartanburg's rich history. 

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Nick Trainor

Graphic Designer, Media Consultant and Artist

Nick is from the eastside and moved back to Spartanburg to be a part of his community's growth. His is a talented graphic artist and website designer outside of creating ads for local businesses that partner with the magazine. 

Nick Trainor Design